Croydon-IT    Established 2003
IT Support for Home PCs, the SME & Not-for-Profit Sector
Last updated 25 Mar 2015
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IT Support for Home PCs,
Small Enterprises and
the “Not-for-Profit” sector
*  PC Support and training
*  Anti-virus products
*  Basics of Internet connection
*  Accounting packages and Cloud Computing
*  Home PC problems, training & transfer to a new PC
*  Specialist advice on IT security
*  Business continuity planning (eg Backup & Recovery)

If your organisation lacks professional support for your computer systems, you need friendly support and advice from Croydon-IT.

Croydon-IT support provides:
*  Computer health checks & updates
*  Emergency call-out, including anti-virus
*  Advice on IT purchases and Internet use
*  Training for Microsoft Office and email

Could computer faults paralyse your organisation?
Reduce the risks with Croydon-IT.

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