Croydon-IT    Established 2003
IT Support for Home PCs, the SME & Not-for-Profit Sector
Last updated 25 Mar 2015
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PC World - your local PC store for software & hardware
Maplin    - PC components & other electronics
DELL -  quality PCs with good support options
HP    - possibly the largest PC & printer supplier
Linux - ubuntu - an alternative to Microsoft
SafeNet  - Information Security experts
Kaspersky- my favourite anti-virus product
SOPHOS Anti-Virus Widely used in the public sector
NORTON (Symantec) Anti-Virus distributed with DELL
NETGEAR - Wireless networking without tears
BELKIN   - an alternative with some other neat ideas
Viking Direct - Office supplies of all sorts - fast delivery - cheap printing supplies by post
BT        - A good all round Internet Service Provider
TalkTalk - An ISP and more - cheap Broadband option - WEB names and more
Nominet - The UK Name Registry site
ZDNet UK- A good place for product research
Microsoft TechNet - where many PC problems get solved
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Yellow Pages UK      - Online Business Directory
Croyweb Directory - Croydon’s Own Local Listing
ClearBooks - Cloud Accounting for small business